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Conch (Anhui) Energy-saving and Environmental Protection New Materials Co., Ltd.

Conch (Anhui) Energy-saving and Environmental Protection New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Conch New Material"), formerly known as Wuhu Conch Profiles and Science Co., Ltd., is a landmark enterprise of Conch Group to implement the development strategy of "cross-region and cross-industry". The company was founded in 1995, headquartered in Wuhu, Anhui Province, stock code 000619, mainly engaging in the development,production,sale and service of high  grade Upvc profile and Aluminum profile, SCR denitration catalyst,Solar photovoltaic material, Precision mold,ecological plate and other new energy-saving and environmental protection products.The company has more than 20 subsidiaries in 14 provinces in China and abroad in Thailand, Myanmar.
Have Using the European advanced production technology,Conch  Profile Combines China's environmental characteristics with consumer habits, integrates scientific and personalized in one,is one of the most diversified enterprises among the same industry,which was honored as "Classic Representative of European Style Plastic Windows and Doors in China market ". The products cover high-end lamination, MC co-extrusion , full-color and white plastic profiles, and take the lead in developing high-end series products such as system windows, passive windows, mute windows, fire-resistant windows in the industry.And the conch 65 five-cavity and above series of doors and windows can meet 75% of the building energy-saving standards, leading the green and low-carbon development of the industry. The company is the first enterprise in China to fully implement the production of calcium zinc environmental protection formula. It has been designated as the designated manufacturer of profile and plastic steel doors and windows in China for many years, and won the first place in the "Top 100 Enterprises in China's Light Industry" and "Top 10 Enterprises in China's Plastic Profile Industry".
In 2021,Conch New Material acquired The Henan Conch Songji New Materials Company,which is one of the key supporting enterprises in the domestic solar photovoltaic industry. Covers the production series for photovoltaic brackets, photovoltaic frames ,which are widely used in distributed roof power stations, industrial and commercial power stations, photovoltaic building integration (BIPV) field,.The market prospect is very broad. At present, Conch New Material established aluminum production basements in Dengfeng,Henan Province, Yingde ,Guangdong   Province and Thailand, etc., mastering a full set of production processes such as casting, extrusion, Powder coating ,oxidation, electrophoresis, etc., and the annual aluminum processing capacity reaches more than 150,000 tons.
To follow up the nation strategy policy of supply-side structural reform, Conch profiles has actively adjusted the industrial layout in recent years, and has successively developed new production includes ecological flooring, wardrobe cabinets, eco-friendly furniture, decorative wall panels etc ,all series paint-free, zero formaldehyde, high strength and anti-aging, the production process does not contain paint, benzene and other toxic and harmful materials, one-stop to meet consumers' life dream of "whole house customization, non-toxic and tasteless, ready to live". especially the Conch SPC ecological flooring ,which does not contain any radioactive elements, zero formaldehyde release, waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, sound-absorbing and noise-reducing, super scratch-resistant, is suitable for geothermal and other various environments.
SCR denitration catalyst is the second main business of conch new material. The company's Hebei Baoding Tianhe Environment and Guangxi Laibin conch environment companies are specialized in the R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, catalyst regeneration and recycling of SCR flat and honeycomb catalysts, with an annual capacity of about 60000 m ³, It is in the forefront of the industry. SCR denitration technology is the most critical technology to control the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx). It conforms to the national "dual carbon" policy guidance, and is widely used in industrial flue gas denitration in thermal power plants, glass, steel, cement, waste incineration plants, and diesel vehicle exhaust purification. With the advantages of high denitration rate, good selectivity, maturity and reliability,it is the most widely used flue gas denitration technology at home and abroad.
Conch New Material is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, with a national technology research and development center and a key laboratory of China Light Industry Federation, also has a postdoctoral workstation and a number of research institutes such as doors and windows, new materials, SCR and so on. The company focuses on high-end mold technology research and process manufacture extrusion molds such as profiles, pipes, and foams independently. Conch New Material built the industry's first industrial Internet platform, promoted large-scale customization and scenario-based experience, and empowered the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. The company deepens cooperation with the University of Science and Technology of China, Nankai University and other institutions of higher learning, strengthens the research and development of key core technologies such as doors and windows of low-carbon zero-carbon systems, two-dimensional nanomaterials, methanol SCR, etc., continuously improves the scientific and technological content and added value of products, and cultivates more economic growth points and growth poles.
During the 14th Five-Year Plan, Conch New Material will follow the general requirements of high-quality development, adhere to innovation leadership, digital empowerment, and green transformation, accelerate the adjustment of traditional industrial structure and product upgrading, actively layout new projects, new industries and new business types, strive to cultivate green and low-carbon development momentum, expand and extend the industrial chain, and make positive contributions to the Group's creation of world-class enterprises with core competitiveness.
Adress: Gangwang Road No.38 of economic and technological development zone in Wuhu, Anhui. 
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