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Advanced equipment-

    The full set of imported German and Austrian most advanced equipment, the full set of imported extrusion equipment and profile moulding, using computer control operation, to ensure the production of each type of material dense and uniform, high finish. Functional size and the cavity structure fully meets the requirements.

Excellent formula-

    The introduction of German formula, the use of advanced processing assistants in the world, through careful material selection and strict operation, the physical and mechanical properties of conch profiles are much higher than the national standards, especially the important indicators of profile properties. The anti-aging properties of angular strength ensure that the welding angular strength of any series of conch profiles is much higher than that of the national standard 3000N. After 1000 hours of artificial aging, there is no significant discoloration.

Profile end face design-

    All of them are multi-cavity structure, with independent drainage cavity, reinforced steel cavity and heat preservation cavity, so that water can not enter the reinforced steel cavity, avoid steel rust, improve the service life of doors and windows, and the drainage cavity can ensure the timely discharge of water in the frame and sash. Ensure the water tightness of doors and windows.

Quality of appearance-

    The color system is light cyan, the color lustre is soft, the line is smooth, that gives the human elegant feeling. The shape dimension precision is high, which has provided the guarantee for the assembly quality of door and window.

Stable performance-

    After repeated treatment at high and low temperature, the size of the profile is basically unchanged, and there are no air bubbles, hemp points and cracks after heating.

High percentage of outturn-

    In order to meet the needs of different consumers, there are a variety of profile combinations for users to choose. Using conch profiles can not only ensure the quality of doors and windows, but also improve the economic benefits of the assembly plant.

Universality, flexibility-

    Different series, different types of door and window glass bead can be interchangeable, that is, different thickness of single-layer, double-layer, three-layer glass can be installed.

    Sliding frame whether double-rail or three-track: the sash can not only install pulley to push and pull directly on the track, but also tear off the plastic strip on the track. after installing aluminum rail, the sash pulley can push and pull on the track.

    The functional dimensions of all profile glass bead, sealing strips and brush are the same, which is convenient for the uniform specification of auxiliary parts and is beneficial to assembly operation.


    The glass bead of all plastic doors and windows faces indoors, which is easy to replace glass and has anti-theft function.

cost performance-

    Compared with wood, steel, aluminum window and other similar products, conch profile assembly has higher performance-price ratio.